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Why Support Local Artists?

Why Support Local Artists?

By Daniela Mays,- eHow Contributing Writer -
ds_1bf32122-bb50-42f2-8a91-4dc2f95489fb Artists not only enrich your community with the beauty of their work, they also help to educate children, encourage tourism and keep local economies growing and thriving. But the arts can't survive without support. Wherever you live, there are many ways you can help keep the arts alive.

    Economic Impact

  1. Your support of local artists helps your local economy. According to Americans for the Arts, a non-profit arts advocacy group, the arts and culture industry generates $166.2 billion in economic activity each year . Non-profit arts organizations not only provide full-time and part-time employment for artists, they employ administrative support staff and marketing and fundraising professionals. They also contribute billions to local and state tax revenues and generate economic activity through the real estate, goods and services needed to produce their creative products. Audiences at arts events help support the local economy by patronizing nearby restaurants and paying for parking and childcare.
  2. Art and Tourism

  3. Your support of local artists can help stimulate tourism and attract tourist dollars. Tourists not only purchase works of art and local crafts, they also spend money on hotels and restaurants, purchase souvenirs, and make use of local businesses like hair salons and laundromats. A thriving arts scene can also be a big selling point for retirees, people looking for a vacation home and even large corporations seeking business property.
  4. Arts and Education

  5. Your support of local artists provides unique educational opportunities for children in your community. When artists work with local schools, they not only foster children's innate creativity, they help promote literacy and teach valuable problem-solving skills. Involvement in the arts can inspire kids to stay in school, instill a positive work ethic, build self-esteem, promote collaboration and foster an appreciation for cultural differences.
  6. Giving Back

  7. By helping to support the arts where you live, you'll give your community all the economic and social benefits of a vibrant arts scene. You can help support local artists by attending arts events and purchasing artwork at local galleries. Arts groups usually receive a large portion of their income from government and corporate grants, and from individual donors. Attend an arts fundraiser, and bring your friends. Money you contribute to a non-profit arts groups is usually tax-deductible.
  8. Other Ways to Help

  9. Even if you can't afford a monetary contribution, you can still support local artists by volunteering for a local arts organization. Because budgets are usually tight, arts organizations depend on volunteers to keep their doors open. Volunteers can help with fundraising, marketing and events. Another way to help is by talking to your friends and neighbors, and writing to elected officials to encourage their continued support for the arts.

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