Pondering - Thoughts - Ideas and other assorted imagineering nonsense

In 2011 we hope to inspire more and hopefully find an avenue of revenue 
for the members of The Artist Group and the whole of the 
creative community which is the heart and soul of Our Long Island.

Maxwell C. Wheat, Jr.

A Poem by Max with a flavor of the season.........

Christmas Fern
By Maxwell C. Wheat, Jr.

“Come see the Christmas stockings,”
Says Grandmother, taking our hands
Leading us to the stream in our back woods
There on the bank
She shows us fronds of ferns lined with leaflets
Each shape like a fat “L”
“They’ll fit on elves’ feet, Nanny.”
“They’re upside down,” my brother laughs
“The elves’ll fall out.”
“Why, Edmund,” Grandmother chuckles
“don’t you know why elves’ feet
Are pointed and curled?”


Many of us sit in silence wondering.....I too, wonder and much, 
much more. Here are some of my thoughts
and ponderings on WHY it is the way it is.......

Questions - Questions - Questions

Why, what is the status quo?
Where is the cultural and creative arts community on Long Island?
What is the perception of art to the general public?
Is creativity dying?
Where do we go from here?
How do we rally an audience?
How do we bring back participation in living in the younger generations?
There is more to life than "i"
Does the "i" stand for isolation?