Friday, May 01, 2015

2015 Mansions & Millionaires® Designers' Showcase® at Mill Neck manor - Room 7 Mind Spring

All kinds of artistic projects - April 27 - 2015 - currently involved in Mansions & Millionaires® Designers' Showcase® at Mill Neck Manor - Please use these hashtags when joining the conversation about the event - #MansionsAndMillionaires #DS2015MNM - 

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Hoping it will be a fun participation - I am in Room 7 - Mind Spring - Mill Neck manor Magical Miniature Garden - Yep, that's right a room of miniature art - It is the story of Pinks, a magical creature who dwells on the grounds of Mill Neck, enjoying the beauty of her surroundings. She noticed that some of her flowering friends would go missing from the gardens but she would see them through the windows of the big house. Pinks wondered why they would leave the open air and go inside. So one day, using her magic, she turned herself into a beautiful flower and jumped into a basket laying on the ground with some of her flowering friends and they were swept away, "Inside" thought Pinks, "we're going inside!" The basket was placed in the refrigerator of Room #6. "Well it sure is dark in here. We need some lights my friends!" and suddenly, like a million stars the darkness became light. Pinks noticed that outside looked a little sterile so she opened the door and ventured onto the counter. "This looks like it could be a very cozy place", she thought and with a magical burst of energy, grass began to creep across the counters. "That's much nicer", she thought. She jumped over to the window and threw it open wide. "Elves, fairies come join me. Let's Party!" And in a flash, all of Pink's garden friends came inside, helping turn the counter into a garden and the walls into a selfie art gallery. These moments of horticultural revelry happen in seconds of human time, which is hours of fairy time, and Debra Ann Kasimakis has frozen such a party for you to view.
Come in to Pinks Party and let your "Mind Spring" into this miniature fantasy. Mill Neck manor magical miniature garden.

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