Tuesday, February 02, 2010



Not sure if any of you out there are aware of this but there is only two months.....TWO MONTHS, left to apply for the second Long Island Fringe Festival. The applications have been coming in since the calendar turned over and it looks like this year will be better than the first. Once more Tilles Center will be the host site for this collection of poets, artists, musicians, dancers, thespians and any one else who has something creative to offer. During 2009's Experience Long Island festival, we gathered together performers of every discipline and created an event that was an entertainment extravaganza and a community of entertainers unlike anything the island had ever seen. 2010 is already shaping up with another stellar lineup of performers anticipated. The ticketing for this years festival has been simplified, and in keeping with the economic conditions we all face, ticket prices have been reduced. As an example, a full weekend pass will be available for $90! We hope anyone who has been thinking about performing at Fringe 2010 will hurry up and get that application in now because there are only 2 TWO monthe left to apply for your spot in history.


debbydoll said...

We are accepting applications for 2010 -

Get your application now -

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