Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Monumental Art

Monumental Art
This project is the demonstration of the proudness that artists feel as being part of CIVILIZATION. And is the hope of Anthony Mottram, of Liverpool, England.
His thoughts are as follows:
The Concept
“The concept is simple; to create a single work of art that incorporates the works of "Other" artists.”
"A Collaborative of Donations from Free Thinking & Non Commissioned Minds"
“My task is to design the "Housing around which, and in which, these works will be displayed as 1 work of art". “
“The title "MONUMENTAL Art" has been chosen by me to be clearly representative of a monument to the power of art as a dialogue ~ means of communication.”
“Monuments are a plenty in the world we live in, they surround us all the time. Monuments that depict "something" are always clearly visible as depictions of their subject matter; even tiny children grasp their meaning in their own tiny way”.
“To my knowledge there is NO monument any where in the world that is a Monument to Art and by Artists ... the creators of all art works.”
MONUMENTAL Art hopes to rectify this hole in life’s’ conscious awareness of things around it. We need to remember Art just as we do War Heroes or other famous historic importances.

My submission
First Scan

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